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As leader

Leonidas Sarantopoulos Quartet (2017)

Jazz flutist and composer Leonidas Sarantopoulos from Athens, Greece, presents his new powerful quartet, featuring three of the most in-demand musicians of the Greek jazz scene. Nine flowing compositions with spontaneous expressions, varying from peaceful melodies to elated grooves.

When the echo of the waves blends with the peaceful melodies of the fluid flute’s sounds, the spiritual son of Oceanis and Styx is born. It’s name is Paflax. An abstract mythology leads the quartet to create its myths from scratch, based in music themes which reminds us of a world where equilibrium reigns.

Leonidas Sarantopoulos: flute, alto flute

Grigoris Ntanis: guitar

Ntinos Manos: double bass

Serafim Bellos: drums

Leonidas Sarantopoulos (2013)

''Black Mamba" is the debut album of the Greek flute player Leonidas Sarantopoulos.

Leonidas Sarantopoulos, flute

Andreas Polyzogopoulos, trumpet

Vassilis Rakopoulos, guitar

Costis Christodoulou, Fender Rhodes & Keys

Yiorgos Georgiadis, bass

Vaggelis Kotzabassis, drums

Michalis Bakalis, percussion


As sideman

crowdead cities


Leonidas Sarantopoulos flute

Thodoris Kotsifas guitar

Ntinos Manos double bass

Thanos Hatzianagnostou drums-compositions-arrangements

Mihalis Hatzis sextet

Charged with a lyrical depth that emanates from the melodic well of the Eastern Mediterranean, the music of Michalis Hatzis flows between the fields of chamber music and the currents of modern improvisation.


Mihalis Hatzis, guitar
Leonidas Sarantopoulos, flute
Mihalis Katachanas, viola
Konstantinos Manos, double bass
Vasilis Podaras, drums
Angelos Polychronou, percussion


Leonidas Sarantopoulos, flute, alto flute, bansuri

Costis Christodoulou, piano 

Nikos Sidirokastritis, drums.


Recorded on 22nd of March 2012 by Dimitris Karpouzas, at Lizard Sound Studios, Athens

Βαγγέλης Παρασκευαίδης

Dimitris Papadopoulos: Trumpet 
Antonis Andreou: Trombone 
Leonidas Sarantopoulos: Flute 
Costis "The Thing" Christodoulou: Grand Piano/ Rhoades keyboard. 
Haris Haralambous: El.Bass 
Dimitris Klonis: Drums 
Sofia Sarri and George Zacharopoulos: Voice (trk4) 
Vicky Skordaly: Narration (trk 2) 
The Frog String Quartet: 
Yiannis Zarias; Violin 
Themis Nikoloudis; Violin 
Michalis Katachanas: Viola 
Alex Kasartzis: Cello 
Vaggelis Paraskevaidis: Vibraphone 

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